Oil Spill

Primary 7C have been exploring water pollution this week. At the beginning of the week we learnt about some of the effects of oil pollution on the environment, animals and food webs. We then carried out a simulated oil spill (using olive oil) and looked at how difficult it was to protect creatures from an oil spill and to clean birds and mammals when they become coated with oil. We used a feather to represent birds and a Pom Pom to represent sea mammals. We designed ways to isolate the spill but then unfortunately a hurricane came along and the oil got over the booms we had made to protect our creatures.

This team are discovering how hard it is to extract oil from a spill.
This team had doubts their boom was going to be robust enough and then a storm came along; much to their consternation.
A solid boom at a budget price.
This team chose extraction and soon had an overflowing cup of oil.