Month: September 2020

Ocean research

Primary7C wanted to learn more about oceans as part of our Watery World project. Each team were given an ocean and formed big questions to research. After researching these, we discussed how we could display our findings and decided on a giant class display. We then decided what a good one would look like to inform our planning and work.

We are so proud of the work and hope you like them too.

Watery Investigations

P7C have been having fun investigating the properties of water. In the photos below, you can see us exploring the way the surface of the water behaves. We ‘magically’ turned a glass of water upside down with only netting over it and the water stayed in the glass until we tipped it. The reason for this has to do with how water and air molecules behave. Want to know more? Ask someone from our class to explain it to you.