Month: February 2016

A trip back in time for P2c

On Wednesday 24 February P2c set off  on an adventure to the Victorian school. We were transported back to 1897 and learned all about life in the Victorian classroom. 
Benjamin kindly volunteered to show us where the children would sit if they were misbehaving. This is the cutty stool.
Oh dear. After fighting in the playground Cyrus and Ellen received six of the best! (Don’t worry, it’s only pretend!)
The P7s were on their best behaviour!
Poor Ellie wouldn’t be allowed to write with her left hand in Victorian times

After spending time in the classroom it was time to learn about life in a Victorian home. Mums and dads, you’ll be happy to know that the class are all now fully qualified to help with the washing and ironing! 

Arts and Crafts with the P2 girls

On Thursday, in line with Victorian tradition, the P2 girls and boys were separated for their Art lesson: the boys making little Victorian boys with Mrs Gibb, and the girls making little Victorian girls with Miss Walker and Miss McGrouther. 

What a fab morning, and super work from the little ladies!

Sentence Building in P2c

P2c have been working hard to build sentences this week. We have been thinking about connectives, and how we can use them to extend our sentences and add interesting detail. 
The joys of an exciting sentence!!