Mr Scott’s Super Sciennes Tour

Mrs Noble was very kind to let us start the tour in her office. There’s an old fire place in there. Hopefully we can go back and visit with all of our super work!
This is the register. In Victorian times the children had to be marked off in one big book.
Normally nobody except Mr Scott and Mr Reid get to go in the boiler room but today we were very lucky.
This is where the coal used to be kept. These big boilers heat the whole school and even the swimming pool. It’s nice and cosy in here!
Did you know that our swimming pool is 117 years old. You would need LOADS of milk cartons to fill up the pool.

Just out of sight is an old wire that used to be used to lower the children down into the pool while they were sitting in a seat. Imagine how long it would take to teach a whole class that way!

Our next stop was two flights up. All the way up to the art room.
From here we could see the famous stair cases. Mr Scott explained to us that boys and girls each used a different stair case.
There used to be speakers on top of these. Some of the children thought it would be a good place for some fire or a couple of candles!
Up on the top floor we looked at the beams, and up through the sky light.
This is the attic. There weren’t any spiders in here- don’t worry, we checked!
Mr Scott lifted us up so that we could see the bell tower through the window in the attic.
Outside we got to look at the old entrance. In this photo you can see the old boys’ entrance
From here we could see the whole school. On top of the school is a weathervane.
The tour was fantastic. We have learned so many things about Sciennes and about life in a Victorian school.
Thank you Mr Scott. x

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