Halibut Jackson

You may be wondering who Halibut Jakson is..

Halibut Jackson is shy. He wants nothing more than to blend into the background–any background. In order to stay undercover, Halibut makes his own suits out of fabrics with convenient patterns: he saves the brick wall pattern for when he goes into town, the flower pattern for the park, and the book pattern for the library. So, when Queen invites Halibut to the Palace for a party, it is only natural for him to fashion an ornate and glittering suit to blend in with the Palace walls. Imagine his surprise when he realizes (too late) that it is a garden party!

We enjoyed making a repeating pattern so that we can make our own Halibut Jackson. He’ll be camouflaged into many different interesting backgrounds! We’ll also be writing about the place we’ve chosen, whether it’s the seaside or at the cinema! 
Coming soon: look out for our Halibut Jackson display in the corridor in a few weeks. 

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